SAN Committee Groups

Get Involved, Make a Difference

Fund Raising Committee:

Chair – Jessika Wood at
Co-Chair TBD
Purpose: This committee works all year long to raise money so we can give back to the seniors in our community. Some of the events that are done are: Annual Raffles, Caregivers Auction, and Holiday Bazaar.

Gifting Committee:

Chair – Cyndi Lounsbury at
Purpose: SAN helps fulfill individual needs, such as emergency funding for PUD bills and food, or even air conditioners to keep seniors cool during extreme weather. SAN also supports gifting for medications programs and other health needs.

Information and Education

Chair – Bruce Bamford at
Purpose: To enhance the reasons for Senior Related Businesses to join SAN. To get SAN businesses out into the local community to enhance Seniors Lives through awareness and community education events. To work on community education through Radio, The Olympian, TCTV (TCTV Channel 77, South Sound Seniors with 20 showings a month), Video Education on the SAN web site for Seniors and to use SAN to strengthen community through community projects and health fairs.Another important part is setting up the education speaker for the monthly SAN meetings to be informative to all SAN members.

Membership Committee

Chair – Amy Degon, Geneva Woods Health Health Supplies, 360-456-5475

Purpose: Business to Business contact. To continually look for past or potential new members to join SAN. The committee meets Oct – Feb to work on mass mailings for first of the year new members.

Speakers Bureau

Chair – Julie Ostling at
Purpose: To use SAN’s Members resources to be out in the public for a safe place for the public education and to learn about aging issues. No-Sales are allowed by SAN members when representing SAN. You can see the ethics form on the SAN website to see the ethics rules signed by all.