What is ARRG?

We are a one-of-a-kind networking group in the Olympia area, whose sole purpose is to build relationships with each other, and ultimately help grow our businesses through quality referrals.

Why join?

  • We give high quality referrals for a low membership fee
  • We meet early so business isn’t interrupted
  • We’re category exclusive - so no competition in your field (here is who we are looking for in the way of categories)
  • We don’t belong to an expensive national organization
  • We have a Facebook business page and this website which promotes our businesses - check out our member directory
  • We have a Facebook group page for sharing internally
  • ….And we are a fun group!

In a nutshell:  We attend bi-weekly meetings, give 1 minute commercials to become proficient giving our elevator pitch to potential clients, as well as longer periodic presentations. These help us learn about each other’s businesses and assure quality referrals. We discuss business topics, share local events, and are a resource for each other.

How to join: Fill out a membership form

Membership:  $20 per month - (if you attend all meetings in a month you do not pay the dues, if you do not attend all meetings, you need to pay via our PayPal Link. At the end of the year we donate a portion of our balance to the community where needed, and we throw a party for the members and their families with the rest.

The benefit of attending meetings consistently is that group members will know you better, you’ll be top of mind, and we will be able to provide better referrals, plus you will earn your membership dollars back! Annually we do something fun as a group with any remaining funds and/or give/use the money for a charity or needy family!

Come and check us out! Meetings are held every other Wednesday @7:45am online. Email us for the Zoom link.

About the meeting:  Open networking starts at 7:45 a.m.  The main portion of the meeting runs from 8AM – 9AM..